Novamed professional team of dental medicine specialists is waiting in a pleasant, relaxing setting. Equipped with the cutting-edge technology and by selecting only the best of materials, we provide top service for our patients in order to fullfil all their expectations. Individual approach and full oral health care is our motto. With our care and patience we aim to accommodate each patient and leave them with only a positive, pain-free experience.

Conscientious approach and diligence come first in our work. We keep pace with the latest developments in dental medicine through continuing education and by following the latest trends in the country and worldwide. We listen to you, and using innovative approach and specialist skills we provide advice and education in order to gain your trust. Your content, beautiful smile is our greatest reward! 

State of the art digital dental X-ray

  • minimum exposure to X-ray radiation
  • total exposure of patient to radiation reduced by 30 to 90 %, subject to type of image required
  • processing and viewing of digital images using appropriate software
  • top precision images

We provide Soredex-Miniray intraoral digital x-ray with intraoral wireless sensors for intraoral images and Soredex-Cranex D for the panoramic images, and images of joints. Patients are not required to make a prior appointment, and the images are ready immediately, on film, CD, or they can be sent by e-mail.




  • Cosmetic (white) fillings
  • Inlays, onlays
  • Endodontics (dental treatment):
    • Manual treatment of root canals
    • Mechanical treatment of root canals
    • Revision of old fillings
    • Use of electronic and X-ray devices (RVG) when filling the root canal


  • We are particularly comitted to our youngest patients and combating fear of the dentist's chair. The first experience at the dentist's is the most important, and we make sure that it stays a pleasant memory. So we always invest maximum effort and patience, with great awareness of their impact on dental care from an early age. We start each procedure with a game, gradually assessing a child's readiness to cooperate. Each display of courage by our llittle patients, however big or small, is rewarded.
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Preventive application of dental sealant
  • Children's fillers


  • Dental plaque removal
  • Scaling and tooth polishing
  • Treatment of dental pockets


Prozone, the new ozone generator, is an excellent disinfection device in practically all of the aspects of dental medicine. We use it in:

  • Treatment of herpes and mouth ulcers
  • Disinfection of root canals
  • Preventive care and parodontology for disinfection of parodontal pockets
  • Fillings, tooth drilling for dental crowns and bridges, disinfection of a drilled tooth
  • Implantology and surgery for disinfection of exposed tissue


  • Crowns and bridges

    • metal  ceramic
    • non-metal ceramic
    • zirconium ceramic
  • Individually cast implants
  • Dental implants with composite scaffolds
  • Full and partial acrylic dentures
  • Full and partial Wironit (clasp) dentures


  • Non-metal ceramic veneers
  • Composite veneers 
  • Teeth whitening in one visit
  • Teeth whitening using bleaching trays
  • Dental jewelry


  • in cooperation with top specialists, oral surgery consultants


  • Astra Tech implant system, one of the top 3 implant systems in the world


  • in cooperation with top specialists, orthodontics consultants