Welcome to Croatia, welcome to Zagreb!

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia! It is an old Central European city, and for centuries it has developed as cultural, scientific, commercial and economic centre. It is located at the intersection of important routes between the Adriatic coast and Central Europe.

Zagreb is the second best European destination! Croatian capital gets numerous compliments because of its beauty, facilities and atmosphere joined another: Zagreb was declared the second best European destination!

When in 1991 the Croatian people achieved their independence, Zagreb became the capital, political and administrative centre of the Republic of Croatia. Zagreb is also business, academic, culture, art and entertainment centre. It is the birthplace and a workplace of many prominent scientists, artists and athletes. It offers its visitors a baroque atmosphere of the Upper Town, picturesque open-air markets, diverse shops and a rich selection of crafts, delicious local cuisine. Zagreb is a city of green parks and promenades, with many places to visit in the beautiful vicinity. Despite the rapid development of the economy and transportation, it has retained its charm and relaxed atmosphere, which makes it a city tailored for a man.

Immediately after the Portuguese city of Porto, Zagreb has by the number of votes overtaken Vienna, Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, Bergen, Budapest, Cannes, Glasgow, Nicosia, London, Madeira, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Prague, Rome, Stockholm and Geneva.

The flattering assessments of those who voted for Zagreb are its reception, joy and friendly environment, beautiful squares and churches, atmosphere, good prices and the like, and some of them also pointed out - love at first sight.

The value of the award is even greater because it was carried out by non-profit organization European Best Destinations, based in Brussels, whose aim is that in partnership with the tourist offices promote culture and tourism in Europe. Competition promotes excellence and cities who receive recognition acquire additional reputation and attract much more visitors.