Take your best souvenir from Croatia- let it be a shining new smile!

For dental tourism we can say with ease, that it is the future of medical tourism in Croatia. As part of health tourism, there is a need for treatment of certain dental problems in a new, special edition.

The history of dental tourism does not go very far, we could say that this is one of the newer selective forms of tourism, but already today dental tourism as a concept in theory and practice is well known in Croatia.

It all started when a certain Italian tourist decided to spend his vacation in Croatia. When he saw that because of toothache he will not have a pleasant holiday, he decided to visit the dentist. At first he was sceptical, but in the end he was astonished with quality service and professionalism that he saw. When, with quality service and a job well done the tourist was satisfied, it was time to pay. Then came the second shock. Price contrasted with Italy was really small. It was not long when the rumour spread through Italy, and Croatia became a hit destination for dental services.

But Croatian dentists did not remain unprepared. Soon they began to realize how much this trend is actually a positive shift in health tourism and so begins the story of dental tourism. Tourists are offered high quality and professional services but also additional content such as accommodation, unforgettable gastronomy and oenology, rich cultural and historical and natural heritage and affordable prices that make the complete offer even more accessible.

We can guarantee you, if you choose Croatia for your dental tips, you will save a lot of money and experience something completely new.