Guide for dental travel

The procedure of dental travel is extremely easy, and the fact is that you will save a significant amount of money, time and energy, and thereby obtain the services of high quality. Dentist in your country has a busy schedule and he will make an appointment for you in several weeks or months, and there is a possibility that your dental situation seriously deteriorates until it's your turn. Contact us now and make yourself an easy and quick process of dental treatment, and for the population of Western Europe also very favourable.

Prepare for your dental journey as follows:

- Contact us and send us your x-rays of teeth in digital form and tell us your wishes and needs and desired date of arrival

- Based on your x-rays, our dentists will compile assessment:
• Work needed for the treatment
• Time required for treatment
• Prices, which may be modified, but not significantly, depending on your specific dental situation that may be detailed and specified only during examination

- In addition to offers for dental treatment you will get an offer for all the follow-ups, depending on your needs and wishes

- Tell us which way you want to travel to Zagreb, and we will welcome you and take care of the rest of your stay and dental treatment.

- Inform us if you are coming with company and are you interested in additional tourist activities

- Our additional services free of charge for you are: welcoming and escorting to the selected location, finding the most favourable accommodation, arranging dental treatment without waiting, transfers through Zagreb, a translator / guide.

We provide support and adequate instructions and information in every aspect of your dental trip.