Satisfied customers

Considering that I come from Germany, I have inquired about dentists across the border. I thought about it and decided to come to Zagreb in the organization of Monax organization. I am very satisfied and would recommend everyone to repeat my experience! I can especially commend sterile cleanliness of dental practice what we do not see always in Germany. And my new shiny smile is worth every euro. I thank the whole team for all their efforts!
Inge, Germany

Kindness, helpfulness and professionalism of Monica, Dr. Marina and the entire staff is surprising! We have forgotten that people can be people! Thank you all! I will gladly recommend you.
Iryna, Slovenia

Translator met me at the airport and was with me even in the office during the entire treatment! The organization goes so far that you feel like you're home.
Joseph, Germany

I'm sure I picked the best there is to offer! Monika organized my trip from Malta, and also very affordable accommodation in Zagreb for seven days. I thank the interpreter Martina for her kindness and the ride throughout the week. It was a wonderful holiday, and I am going home as a completely new person. I feel 20 years younger. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Laura, Malta

When I first came to the doctor Marković’s office my teeth were in a very poor condition. So bad that I was embarrassed to smile and even to talk to someone who was very near to me. Doctor Marković and his associates never made me feel uncomfortable because of my bad situation but they approached it very professionally and together decided the best way for my treatment and gave me my self-esteem back, which is really priceless! I am a new person and I infinitely grateful!
Martin, Croatia

I guess I have been hiding my smile for ten years, and my whole problem was solved in only seven days at the price of which I cannot even dream of in Italy! I'm sorry that I missed so many good moments because of bad teeth. Now I'm going to laugh constantly! Thank you Dr. Marina and thank you for the excellent organization of my whole journey.
Sabina, Italy